When we accept what has happened to us, forgive those who hurt us (including ourselves), and find gratitude for the experience, we are left with Love.

You are not defined by what has happened in your life. Those events are but chapters in a much longer story. Turn the page.

Healing is not easy. It’s much easier to sit in the bitterness … on the face of it. But that bitterness causes us to miss out on so much of life.

I sat in the bitterness and despair for years. I sat there for so long I forgot who I really am. I was angry, defensive, depressed, and lonely.

And then I realized that the only way anyone could even begin to help me find my way out was for me to WANT to get out.

I allowed myself to be vulnerable and accept the help, advice, and wisdom that was offered by some amazing people. And I reclaimed my identity, my life, and my happiness.

You can do that too, if you’re ready. PM me … let’s chat. No sales pitch. Just a chat. Are you ready?

#FindYourHappy #LeaveTheBitternessBehind #ReclaimYourLife #AreYouReady?


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